Learning Journey Events

We hosted our first Learning Journey event 'An Inclusive Learning Journey' at the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa on Thursday 7th December 2017. Providing a fantastic platform to gain exclusive insight into inclusion and have the opportunity to discuss the benefit and impact any changes we make will have on all visitors and your business.

There is an underlying level of urgency and social responsibility for us as a destination, as providers of services for business events and tourism in general to ensure we take steps to make our destination more inclusive for all who visit.

To allow us to better understand and learn how we can make a difference in making our society, establishment or service more inclusive and the enormous benefits in doing so to your business and those who visit, we designed the event in partnership with Euan’s Guide, PAMIS and Neatebox.

The event was aimed at General Managers, Managers, Owners, Sales and Marketing decision makers within the business events and tourism sector.

An Inclusive Learning Journey

Aims to:

  • Provide an informal and conversational platform to educate and inform
  • Highlight the huge benefits in making inclusion part of your business plan
  • How small changes can make a difference, even in the most inaccessible locations
  • Address the fear of getting it wrong and share some great examples of getting it right
  • How to communicate and interact person to person
  • How to describe your facilities to users, improve your website and marketing messaging
  • Provide access to the right tools and connections to empower you in making your establishment or service more inclusive
  • Ultimately working together towards a more inclusive destination

We hope you were inspired to go back to your business and look at what changes you can implement to make our destination more inclusive.

A huge thank you to those who attended and to our speakers for an enlightening day!


Euan's Guide - Five Top Tips to Create an Accessible Venue, Place or Space - Download here

Claire D’All, blogger of ‘A Journey In My Wheels’ and accessibility campaigner - Download here

Our speakers would be delighted to hear from you and have noted their contact details below:

Euan's Guide: Kiki MacDonald, Co-founder
Tel: 0131 510 5106 | Email: kiki@euansguide.com

PAMIS: Jenny Miller, Chief Executive and Inclusive Ambassador and Mentor Programme
Tel: 01382 384 654 | Email: j.y.miller@dundee.ac.uk

Neatebox: Kimberly Holding, Business Development Manager
Tel: 07828 182 821 | Email: kimberley@neatebox.com