Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau Membership

Our partners have access to an extensive range of marketing activities through membership of Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau (DACB).

Working with the Bureau to raise the profile of the destination and grow business events means you tap into all the marketing activity undertaken by DACB to promote Dundee and Angus as a leading business events location.

The Bureau's website is the main marketing tool and reference point for organisers looking to host a conference.  Organisers have access to information on venues, accommodation, service providers, attendance building and promotional tools and much more to support their conference and achieve their delegate numbers and financial objectives.

The Bureau's website is also the main reference point for delegates attending a conference, with information detailed on the website focused on enhancing the delgate's experience.

Your organisation will be profiled on the website and we'll work with you to ensure the right information is listed and that you have taken advantage of all the new features available.

Partners also have access to events, training, workshops and conferences, in addition to access to research, statistics and promotional tools to aid your own marketing activity.

Please get in touch with Tracy Duncan, should want to find out more about membership with DACB or how to make the most of the benefits, tools and features available to you as an existing member.  We are here to support you every step of the way!