Delegate Expenditure Survey

The Delegate Expenditure Survey was commissioned by the National Tourism Boards to calculate the average expenditure per delegate per conference day.

The figures include estimates of expenditure by delegates themselves, by conference organisers on behalf of delegates and expenditure by people accompanying delegates. The data is then used to estimate expenditure by conference delegates in a local area.

For the purpose of this study, a conference was defined as an out of office meeting of at least 6 hours involving a minimum of 15 people.  Where there was any ambiguity in defining the type of meeting, it was left to the organiser to select the appropriate category.

**Inflationary increase to Delegate Expenditure multipliers provided by VS Business Events and used by all cities and industry within Scotland.

Total Expenditure per Day
Year 2012**
Corporate Day £134.31
Corporate Multi-Day £513.74
Domestic Association Day £190.27
Domestic Association Multi-Day £515.98
International Association £407.41
Other £341.37

Find out how much your conference is worth to the local economy using the calculator below.

Simply enter the number of delegates attending your conference, the number of days conference (making sure you select ‘day’ for one day events and ‘multi-day’ for events that are longer than one day) and your sector and the calculator will tell you how much your conference is worth to the local economy.

Sector Definitions:

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Association is classified as: professional, academic and trade groups, societies and clubs

Corporate is classified as: company meetings, training courses, sales meetings, board meetings, product launches etc.

Other is classified as: public sector and government bodies, charities, voluntary organisations, religious organisations, political parties and trade unions