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Developing an ambitious strategy and next generation Conference Ambassador Programme, ‘Pathfinders’ will work to advance social and economic progress and enable business events to grow by 5% year on year to be worth £100million DEB (Direct Economic Benefit) / £29million GVA / 774 FTE by 2025

The value of our business events sector keeps on growing and is worth over £72million in DEB / £21million GVA / 559 FTE recorded for Dundee and Angus in 2019.

Over 269,000 delegates, both from the UK and abroad, travelled to the area to attend a conference or event in 2019 with an increase of 33% in the number of international delegates against the previous year.

These figures underline the economic benefits of business events to Dundee City and Region – and provide firm evidence to help secure support and investment in the infrastructure needed to continue to grow business events in our region.

Statistics explained – Making meaning of the data

Our partners to complete a monthly report, detailing top level statistics of confirmed business events held at their venue.  This allows us to calculate how much business events are worth to the region and to show our market share of the area in comparison to Scottish and UK statistics, helping to secure future funding to promote the destination.

Find out more about the Delegate Expenditure Survey commissioned to help work out how much any conference is worth to the local economy.

The Delegate Expenditure Survey

The Delegate Expenditure Survey was commissioned by the National Tourism Boards to calculate the average expenditure per delegate per conference day.

The figures include estimates of expenditure by delegates themselves, by conference organisers on behalf of delegates and expenditure by people accompanying delegates. The data is then used to estimate expenditure by conference delegates in a local area.

For the purpose of this study, a conference was defined as an out of office meeting of at least 6 hours involving a minimum of 15 people. Where there was any ambiguity in defining the type of meeting, it was left to the organiser to select the appropriate category.

**Inflationary increase to Delegate Expenditure multipliers provided by VS Business Events and used by all cities and industry within Scotland.

The economic impact calculator can be found on the home page

The DEB (direct economic benefit) multipliers used have been endorsed by the National Government Economists.