Alistair Kerr Photography - 'Picture This' New Weekly Blog

Release date: 02 June 2017

Alistair Kerr Photography is delighted to announce the launch of “Picture This”, a new weekly blog aimed at businesses that care how they look.

All of us can take our eye off the ball when it comes to thinking about how our business looks to the outside world. It’s also a well-known quirk of being human that we tend to assume everyone sees things the way we do, so without realising it we can go months or even years wearing blinkers – until customer feedback or falling sales force us to confront the fact that we have a problem. By then it can be very difficult to reverse the damage.

“Picture This” encourages businesses to take a step back and look hard at every aspect of how they come across to customers, whether it’s their premises, their marketing materials, their signage or their photography - any one of which can be a very weak link in an otherwise strong chain.

Of course we all think we care how our business looks, but every day businesses fail to live up to their potential by making fundamental mistakes. The good news is that these mistakes can easily be avoided, and that’s what “Picture This” is all about.

You can visit the blog at, and to receive it straight to your inbox every week, just sign up using the subscription panel in the blog’s footer.

We look forward to welcoming you!