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DLR Media is a well-known company in Dundee, offering a comprehensive range of marketing and communications advice, strategy and services for individuals, businesses, and serving both local, national and international clients.

Live streaming your event can be a great way of engaging with a wider audience. You don’t have to cancel your event, you can still reach your audience but through a live stream. Watchers will still be able to engage with live chats and your message will still be heard.  Using the latest live streaming technology DLR Media can help you run speaker presentations and record the event for uploading to social media afterwards. 

Marketing Managers know the value of live event coverage. With the help of social media, DLR Media can increase that value tenfold. People around the world pop into events through their social channels, making them excellent opportunities to attract, connect and engage your audience in real-time. From product demonstrations and live testimonials to brand announcements and behind-the-scenes content, our live event coverage increases the buzz around your product or service.

DLR Media is pleased to help events and conferences to actively engage their networks during each event, strengthen relationships with sponsors, produce on-site live video and photo content, create social media stories, live tweet, and more.


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Photography, Videography and Live Streaming

More relevant than ever we can assist with recording or live streaming events to ensure delegates don’t miss a thing.

Public Relations

We can support with getting your message out to the press and celebrate success via good news stories and press releases.

Event Management

Full online and offline event management covers creative event planning through to on the ground support on the day.

Branding and Marketing Support

Showcase your brand and or event with polished graphics, dynamic visuals and print. Get people talking with high performing, engaging marketing and communication strategies to promote any event.


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Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau


Craig Mathison
December 2019

We were really pleased with the content that DLR Media provided following the launch event for our Clio & Zoe models that was held at Mackie Motors.  Professionally shot using a great mixture of angles and techniques that really captured the evening.  Editing was completed to a high standard to incorporate both product shots and interview footage. It was important to us that the end result was faithful to the brand guidelines of both the manufacturer and dealer and this was certainly the case.