Dundee has its finger on the beating pulse of pioneering health treatment. Like the pioneering work led by Prof Sir Alfred Cuschieri in the development, execution and clinical evaluation of minimal access (or laparoscopic) surgery. Prof Sir Alfred Cuschieri came to Dundee in 1976, and his surgical techniques have since been adopted internationally.

In tackling cancer too, there has been significant development since the 1990s with Sir David Lane’s work on the p53 gene and Professor Bob Steele’s leadership of the national bowel cancer screening programme, which has reduced the number of deaths from the UK’s third most common cancer. Dundee researchers have also made great advances in the detection and treatment of kidney, bladder and prostate cancers.


- 'Innovation in Dundee and Angus is in rude health' published 2 August 2019

Meet Prof Sir Alfred Cuschieri

Prof Sir Alfred Cuschieri, senior scientific advisor at the University of Dundee, is renowned for his pioneering contribution to the development and clinical implementation of keyhole surgery.

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