Growth in Dundee’s digital technologies sector has outpaced all other UK-based clusters, with revenues now close to £100 million annually.

Research for the latest Tech Nations 2017 report found Dundee generated the highest turnover growth of any major cluster – including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow – in the five-year period between 2011 and 2015.

Dundee – which is famed for its strengths in computer gaming and is home to 4J Studios, the phenomenally successful producer of console editions of Minecraft – saw 171% digital turnover growth in the period, with economic output increasing to £97m.


LATEST BLOG - 'Dundee and Angus: A Technological Breeding Ground' published 28 November 2017

Meet Professor Amin Abdolvand, Dundee University

Professor Abdolvand is pioneering laser research at the University of Dundee, aiding scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator

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