Who are we?

We are husband and wife team of two artists Neil Paterson and Jilly Henderson who have created GRAF - Graphic Recording and Facilitation for conferences, meetings, events and happenings.

How can we enhance your event?

We add a unique element to your occasion. Keeping pace with your conference, we produce drawings and images that always draw a crowd. Strong images can capture discussions in a way that reams of text cannot. Your attendees will love discussing, sharing and tweeting the ideas on our displays.They help break the ice and encourage networking.

By sitting in on workshops to record conversations we can help set scenes, define questions and find answers.

Speakers love their little portraits, drawn as they give their presentations. Our services have been greatly appreciated at all sorts of seminars, events and celebrations - including weddings!

Jilly has a background in enterprise and social networking and produces animations and digital presentations from the discussions. Neil has done face-to-face work in sectors including sustainable development, community development, employability, ESOL, cultural heritage and work with refugees.

Our Services include:

  • graphic recording of your entire event to suit
  • graphic facilitation of discussions and workshops
  • pen portrait studies of key speakers
  • illustrations for pre and post conference brochures and reports
  • illustrated keepsakes of weddings and other events
  • illustrated maps

Having GRAF attend your event really adds a unique touch to proceedings.

We offer a fresh approach to recording events that unfold over the course of the day/s.

You will literally receive the finished A1 boards at the end of the event to frame up or display so nothing is getting lost in a pile of digital information.

These unique boards are a brilliant way to help with follow up information gathering and sharing.

We always suggest delegates and participants photograph, Tweet, Facebook and share to the max the images we create... this makes it easy to show others what's going during your special event in a fun and exciting way...a picture paints a thousand words as the saying goes!


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DD11 1QU
"The graphic facilitation was undoubtedly the highlight of the event. Particularly for those of us as staff members who have experienced the grind of post-conference report writing. To capture the details in such an creative and accessible manner has been terrific. The Muslim women on our ‘conversation couch’ have all left with an image of themselves to preserve the moment when they confidently and articulately addressed a packed conference suite to share their insight and experience of being a Muslim women in Scotland. Thank you for capturing that in such a beautiful way. It proved a real talking point for the room and we now have a fantastic piece of evidence which I will reflect on... I have no doubt we will be calling upon you again in the near future... Thank you team GRAF!"

Lori Hughes, Employability Project Manager, Amina Muslin Women's Resource Centre
'Challenging Perceptions' Amina Conference, February 2018
"I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for you and Jill’s work at the conference. It was truly superb and was well received by all. It really added to the flavour of the conference, and my intention is to use your work as the primary material that will make up the report… Neil has an amazing ability to capture the essence of a conversation in a cartoon format but with the added value of insightful, funny and thoughtful interpretation that somehow makes a conversation even more real. This amazing ability is highly creative, and has added real value to not just the way in which the outcomes of our conference are disseminated, but also to the development of the conversations themselves."

Ioan Fazey, Director of CECHR
Transformations 2017, August 2017
"Your work was, as ever, fantastic. You've captured the day's discussions brilliantly and it still amazes me how you can turn discussions into great images. The drawings will, in the short term, be displayed in the office and shown as part of the inspection visit. We also plan to figure out a way to capture them for distribution to the group."

Mhairi Dickson, Communities Officer Planning for Place
Arbroath Stakeholder Community Consultation, March 2017
"The Gateway Project at Fife Gingerbread had an event to celebrate its achievements and its magic. This event was recorded by Neil and is a lasting tribute to the wonderful celebration we had. The likeness to the speakers is amazing and the information gathered on the timeline is pertinent and a wonderful account of the day."

Kath Miller, Families and Children Manager at Fife Gingerbread
Fife Gingerbread Gateway Project Celebration, February 2017