How much is your conference worth?

Business events brings benefits for Dundee and Angus. On an economic level, spend per visitor (or yield) is often significantly higher than that of leisure visitors.  Most business events takes place at times of the year when leisure tourism is at its lowest volume, therefore sustaining business levels for hotels and other businesses, during typically quiet periods.

It generates visitor revenue for cities and destinations which may not necessarily offer a competitive leisure tourism product.  Hosting major national and international events raise the profile of the destination on a global level, and as many events are organised well in advance, it allows for future planning and budgeting.  It can also attract inward investment, driving forward capital developments in the provision of new facilities and infrastructure.

Business Tourism is worth over £68 million in economic benefit to Dundee and Angus.  

Find out how much your conference is worth to the local economy using the calculator below.

Simply enter the number of delegates attending your conference, the number of days conference (making sure you select ‘day’ for one day events and ‘multi-day’ for events that are longer than one day) and your sector and the calculator will tell you how much your conference is worth to the local economy.

Sector Definitions:

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Association is classified as: professional, academic and trade groups, societies and clubs

Corporate is classified as: company meetings, training courses, sales meetings, board meetings, product launches etc.

Other is classified as: public sector and government bodies, charities, voluntary organisations, religious organisations, political parties and trade unions