International Travellers Guide

A diverse and vibrant city means Dundee is a location that international delegates and event organisers love. There are excellent transport connections to Dundee from around the world with twice daily service Monday-Friday and one flight on Sunday between London Stansted and Dundee airport and, through this route alone, 30 countries and 150 destinations have easy access to Dundee.

Jet in to Dundee in plenty of time for lunch and for whatever plans you have for the day ahead, or catch a later flight if that suits your schedule better. At the end of your visit, if you can pull yourself away from the city, take an early morning departure, or opt for a late afternoon service which gives you flexibility and scope to squeeze some extra time out of our wonderful region.


Monday to Friday
Depart DND 0650 Arrive STN 0840 Depart STN 0910 Arrive DND 1045
Depart DND 1640 Arrive STN 1830 Depart STN 1900 Arrive DND 2045

Depart DND 1640 Arrive STN 1830 Depart STN 1900 Arrive DND 2045

Flights are also available via Emirates, enabling secure connections with Loganair flights when travelling to/from the Far East, Middle East, Australasia, Africa and the Indian Ocean, with one stop connections via London Stansted Airport and onward to Dundee Airport.

International flights are also available at other Scottish airports with Aberdeen operating over 50 routes, Edinburgh has 100 world-wide destinations, and Glasgow offers flights to 110 places, offering global access to Dundee.

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