There’s a long history of engineering prowess in Dundee and the wider region– and it continues today.

Established in Dundee by Sir Michael Nairn and others in the 1970s, Rautomead Continuous Casting Technology for Non Ferrous and Precious Metals has become the world’s leading supplier of continuous casting technology for non-ferrous alloys, providing solutions for engineering projects across the globe.

Dundee University Formula Student is a project where students design, build, market and race a car as part of the global iMechE Formula Student competition – giving students practical, hands-on engineering experience.

Abertay University’s Dr Rebecca Wade has been working closely with Carruthers Renewables over the last three years to develop a new, innovative waterwheel that is more efficient and generates greater amounts of energy.


 - 'Reinventing the Wheel: Engineering Prowess in Dundee and Angus' published 1 October 2018

Meet Dr Rebecca Wade from Abertay University

Abertay University’s Dr Rebecca Wade is experienced in  teaching, research and consultancy in the fields of innovation around urban ecosystem services, green infrastructure, river restoration, and sustainable stormwater management.

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