Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Public, private and academic sectors come together to drive life sciences forward in Dundee and Angus thanks to the work of BioDundee. Encouraging growth in the industry, the partnership fosters learning, improvement and innovation.

We might not have the climate for bananas here in Dundee, but expertise from the James Hutton Institute is helping breeders in Africa adopt new root, tuber and banana varieties!

Potatoes, cereal and bread are amongst the food products the James Hutton Institute and Abertay University are working on to improve food safety with the Innovate UK project.

Neglected tropical diseases are being tackled by ground-breaking work at the University of Dundee’s Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research – the latest addition to Dundee and t legacy of excellence in life sciences.


-  'Dundee & Angus: World Leader in Life Sciences' published 10 August 2018

Abertay University PhD researcher Kateryna Tkachencko has tapped into the university's microbiology expertise in a mission to discover if the secret to long life can be found in cheese.


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